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Frutin, solvant for the lactobacteria PT12

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Liquid nutrition supplement for pet birds, carrier pigeons, terrarium animals, small rodents and pet rabbits
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Frutin is a liquid nutrition supplement for pet birds and carrier pigeons. Frutin binds pulverised nutrition durably to grain, seed, smooth and breeding food by hardening.

Frutin contains different sugars of biological origin. Many microorganisms (e.g. Lactobacteria) need different types of sugars in order to preserve the metabolic activity. Under benificial nutrition conditions lactobacteria are able to reproduce more effectively in the small intestine. Experiments proved that the reproduction rate of lactobacteria could be increased by a factor of 100 to 1000 in combination with Frutin and Sintra or Tarsin.

Frutin contains a high amount of carbohydrates providing additional energy for breeding, journey period and moult.

Frutin is enriched with coconut water. Coconut water is known for its ability to carry toxic heavy metals out of the body. Coconut water contains essential minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium and phosphor. Coconut water is nearly fat-free, but contains important fatty acids like lauric acid for the digestive tract.

Frutin contains a mixture of tropical and regional fruits like pineapple, apple, apricot, blackberry, strawberry, grapefruit, blueberry, raspberry, black currant, cherry, papaya, peach and orange. Fruits with various vital substances guarantee a diversified nutrition.

Frutin enhances the supply of minerals with the addition of high-availability calcium.

reduces nutrient loss through its binding capacity („adhesive effect“). Loss of nutrients occurs when food particles are mixed together with oil and remain in the feeding dish for a longer time. The process of Frutin addition can be carried out in a very flexible way, there is no need for adding Frutin before feeding. The Frutin mix can be kept in stock for many days without risking the loss of food particles.


Frutin can be used all year. Frutin can be applied by the drinking trough because of its solubility in water. The application of Frutin with the water is indicated for birds in breeding or after exhibitions and for carrier pigeons on the day of journey.

Frutin is the ideal binding compound for the re-scha lactobacteria. Lactobacteria stay vital for more than 3 days (even at room temperature) when bound to grain food using Frutin.

The process of the Frutin mixture can be carried out like this: first weigh the food amount for the next days, add the corresponding amount of Frutin, stir the mixture until every food particle is covered with Frutin. Now the pulverised nutrition (e.g. Sintra, Tarsin) is added for binding. The ready-made mixture can be given directly („fresh“) or after 1 day at room temperature („dry“).

When re-scha lactobacteria should be bound to the food you have to keep in mind: in order to achieve a uniform distribution in the food you better mix Frutin and the lactobacteria in a cup before addition. When the „mash“ is too viscous you can add some drops of water, Panta-20 or Amin-o-drop to have a more liquid consistence. This „mash“ should be mixxed to the food before adding the pulverised nutrition like Sintra or Tarsin.


  • grain or seed food: 8 – 10 ml Frutin/kg foo
  • smooth or breeding food: 20 – 30 ml Frutin/kg food
  • in the drinking trough: approx. 20 ml Frutin/l drinking water

The content of 1 tablespoon corresponds to 8-10 ml Frutin.

Important notice: after opening the bottle you better store the Frutin in the refridgerator and deplete it in the next six months.

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