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Right of Withdrawal

Right of withdrawal:

the final customer has a right of withdrawal when he acts as a private person and not as a commercial entity or professional trader.

The cancellation must be sent to:

 Dr Manderscheid Carlo

5 ave Clement

L-5612 Mondorf

Tel: +352-23661718

Fax: +352-2366171822

e mail: info@parrot-page.com

The cancellation of the order must  be done within the 7 days after the receipt of  the order (email, fax, written letter). It must be sent to the mentioned adress under the form of an email, a fax or a written letter.

In case of a valid cancellation, you must sent back the order. The already payed amount is payed back.   If you cannot return  the received items  and services as well as benefits enjoyed (e.g. benefits from usage) in total or in part or only in deteriorated condition, you have to  provide compensation.

For the deterioration of the order  or for benefits enjoyed this only applies insofar as the use or the deterioration of the goods is due to a handling of the goods which exceeds the testing of the properties and the functionality ( examining and trying out the goods as it is possible and usual to do for instance in a retail shop)

You must pay the  shipping fee when you send back the goods.

The original bill must be enclosed ! 

The right of withdrawal is not guilty for special offers , for personal offers or for goods that can not be sent back.

The right of withdrawal is not guilty for perishable goods

The right of withdrawal is not guilty for hygienic items, these goods are identified in the shop 

The right of withdrawal is no guilty for goods that were mixed with others and where a separation is impossible



  End of Cancellation Policy

* incl. tax, plus shipping